How to change the outlook of world scenario

                                                                                                    Balwinder Barnala/ Harchand Bhinder

We all, in this world conference, have come to unite hands for the change of this world scenario through our changing methods of thoughts. There are those in this world who want a static world, the world of old unjustified ideas, the world that should be surrounded by orthodox untested ideas only. And there are those who want to alight world and the world of ethics in each every field of life. We want this world must be peaceful and live on logic and reason. We want the world where each and every human being must take justice in true sense. People in most of the countries are still fighting for their basic needs and are illiterate and don’t know the meaning of human rights. India is also one of such countries where people are polarized easily on the name of religion and caste. The lower caste people are mistreated by the upper classes and even by the people in power. There are no serious efforts to educate our poor and illiterate people.

We have to hear daily some news that some people lynched only due to doubt of eating beef. Even the choice of eating habits, are decided by the religious people who are in majority and imposing their sectarian rules upon minority. Our great rationalist leaders Dr. Narinder Dabolkar, Comrade Gobind Pannsare and Ex-Vice Chancellor Dr. MM Kalburgi were killed by Hindu Radicals because they were having different opinion from these Hindu radicals. Our human rights are snatched very easily by the fundamentalist ruling classes. Lot of women immolated only on illogical doubt that they have lured with some bad omen supernatural being. Even the children are sacrificed to honor their so called fake gods to get life better. They are so ignorant that their fate is always decided by the ruling class.  In many states of India people have no Schools for their children and no clean water to drink. No roads and even health services are there even after our Independence since 1947. Worship places are hundred times more than schools and lot of money is stored there.

Indian Media (print and electronic) is fully under the control of ruling classes and always favor the ruling classes against the suppressed people and spread superstition and blind faith. Fraudulent Saints are making money by using the gullible people and are supported by religious ruling class. They misuse such people and such saints make their minds habitual of illogical ideas. They propagate so called gods and goddesses that these are making their fate. They misguide the people that their bad economic and social condition is due to their sins committed in their past life and in this way take them away from logic and reason. Some fake saints are now in jails and some are still in practice. All such saints have made huge money by looting gullible people in different ways. They are having full political support due to their huge mass of blind followers. It is the big flaw in our Indian democracy that this vote bank is used by the politicians .Our schools are providing such an education in which lot of illogical and unscientific material is imposed upon the students. Religious literature is being made the part of our syllabus which favored only by one religious sect to propagate the religion of majority. This way the ruling class traps our people to prolong their political power to rule. Superstitions are preached giving the name of ancient science. Division of Indian people is continued on religious as well as on caste basis lines. Daily religious or caste basis riots can be watched throughout India.

We, the Indian Rationalists, Atheists and Humanists have tough time. Now India is ruled by a sectarian party who is imposing its Hindutava, a political agenda, on our people. The murders of prominent rationalists are the signs of our tough period to be faced in coming years under the rule of BJP a religious political party. Even in most of the states are conditions just like an emergency. We need full support from world leaders of having Rationalist & Humanist approach. They should support our cause here in India. Our human rights must be protected. We are fighting for prevailing intolerance in our Country created by the BJP and its supportive Sangh wings and even the Indian Government.

We, the rationalists from the Punjab state of India unite our hands with this world conference and thankful for Dr. G. Vijayam of Atheist Center Vijayawada for his great efforts to arrange this conference in India. Dr. Vijayam is the Patron of our union in India named ‘Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations (FIRA). We are also thankful to Dr. Narendra Nayak our honorable president who gives full support to this world conference. Tarksheel (Rationalist) Society Punjab is always walking hand in hand with the world leaders and National leaders to support the cause of rationalism.

                                    With regards and thanks


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